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Medical Records

Obtaining Copies of Medical Records:
To protect the privacy and confidentiality of our patientís personal medical information, completion of a medical record release form is require when records are sent to a third party, such as another physician or health care provider, and attorney or insurance company.

Release forms may be picked up from our office or downloaded here. Please mail, fax or bring to the office. Records will not be sent until prepayment is received. Please allow 7-14 business days for the processing of these request.


Records are generally sent to other doctorís offices at no charge.



Pursuant to Section 90-411 of NCGS, the maximum fee charged for liability request are $.75 per page for the first 25 pages, $.50 per page for pages 26- 100, and $.25 per page for all pages over 100. We are allowed under this low to charge a minimum copying fee of $10.00. Other types request will be charge $1.00 per page.

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