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Your Medical Home

Capital Physicians Group, P.A. was designed to become a Patient Centered Medical Home. We believed that empowering our patients through health, education is an essential part of medical care.

What makes Capital Physicians Group, P.A. different from other urgent care centers is that we provide each patient with a personal physician or physician assistant to provide first contact, continuous and comprehensive care. 

Your personal physician is responsible for providing for all your health care needs or taking responsibility for appropriately arranging care with other qualified professionals. 

Care is coordinated and/or integrated with specialists, hospitals, home health agencies, and nursing homes.

Quality and safety are assured by a quality improvement process, evidence based medicine, clinical decision-support tools, performance measurement, patient participation in decision-making, information technology and other quality improvement activities.  

We use an electronic medical record (EMR) to organize your medical history and to communicate with specialists and local hospitals.

Our office laboratory is certified with CLIA and by the AAFP Proficiency Testing service.
Our Staff:

Administrator: – Melissa Yates

Appointments:  - Keosha Kelly

Dr. Baloch’s assistant/MA: – Donna Davis

Robin Viviano’s assistant/MA: – Ceasar Manuyco

Miriam Caswell’s assistant/MA: – Stormie Howard

Billing/Payments: – Annita Siebelink

Travel Clinic: – Tania Williams

Urgent Care
Urgent Care
Your Medical Home
Your Medical Home
Workers Comp
Workers Comp

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